Build your own VOBEAUTY box subscription.

Here at VOBEAUTY we pride ourselves on the variety of products we stock. We try our very best to cater for all needs as well as keep up to date with the latest fashion trends. 

So we did a lot of research!! When we say a lot we mean a lot. Its all about research with us to make sure we can deliver what you want. The results of the research was that consumers want more control over what they receive in their boxes. Too many of you were saying that you get products that either don't suit your skin tones or you will never use or frankly just don't want or like and are getting a bit bored with what you receive.


Build your own VOBEAUTY Box is HERE!!! This is one of kind and not done else where!! 

We have been able to launch this concept  for you, our customers . 

The build a box option is such good value for money! Each box is always worth more than what you pay and you get to choose brands that you may have never heard of before or ones that you have always wanted to try but never had the money to afford (because we also know that there are some products we would love to try but can't justify spending the money ;-) ) 

We have 2 subscription options at the moment. 

1. £9.95 per month (plus p&p)and you can choose 3 FULL sized products from a selection to be delivered to you. 

2. £15.95 per month (plus p&p) and you can choose 5 FULL sized products from a selection to be delivered to you. 

Each month we will change the products in the selection to allow you to be able to choose different products to try. Now there may be some cross over int eh products and you may see the same products in twice but this ok. There are 12 products to chose from. 

When you sign up every month when the products change we will send you an email prompting you to log in to your account and choose what you would like to receive.  Its like a prepaid gift to yourself each month!! 

What if you forget to log in one month and choose your products? That's ok. Here at VOBEAUTY we understand that life sometimes can get in the way. You have until the 12th of the month to log in and make your choice. We will send out prompt emails to you to remind you to make your choices and it is your responsibility to make sure you make your choices. If you still forget after the prompt email we send and the box is due to be shipped on the 14th of the month then we will try our best to match the products to what you had the month before. 

So there you have it! Choose your own products have them delivered to your door. Try Love and Buy! 

What is on offer for August 2017:

1. Konjac Mini Pore Refiner Rainforest Tree Frog- French Green Clay - £6.99

2. Made by Coopers Apothecary - Vanilla Rose Bath Salts 100g - £5

3. BWC Full Volume Mascara - Black - £7.00

4. Fairypants - Rita Lip Paint - £4.99

5. Medusas Make Up Lip Paint - Shag - £8.95

6. Unique Creations Soap Company - Unicorn Bath Bombs - £3

7. Soothe-Me Radiant! Organic Face Serum Oil - £8

8. Freyaluna Sandalwood and Orange Herbal Hair Repair Oil - £24

9. Pura Cosmetics Cocktail Inspired Lip Scrub - £4.50

10. Saturated Colour Locked Lips - Lipstick Sealer - £3.50

11. Young & Pure - Invigorating Face Cleanser - £5.49

12. Saturated Colour LIPSStick Moisturising Lipstick - Lady in Red - £7


ENJOY!! We hope you subscribe. Get 15 % off your first box using the code VOBBOX15 . 

Any questions send us an email or leave a comment below.

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